Isabella Falbo works within the field of contemporary art as critic and curator of exhibitions, performative events and publications.
Her main interest is concerned with enhancing emerging and experimental artists, her studies and her curatorial approach are mainly focused on the relationship between arts and fashion.

Upon completing and attaining a first class degree in DAMS (Art, Music and Drama) achieved from Bologna University, she moved to the UK where she carried out the duties of intern assistant curator at Oxford Modern Art Museum where she worked alongside senior curator Suzanne Cotter. During her 2 year stay in Oxford she followed lectures of modern and contemporary art directed by Prof. Martin Kemp at Trinity College, Department of History Art, Oxford.
Since her return in Italy she devoted herself passionately to curatorial and writings, also collaborating on articles for art magazines and newspapers.

In recent years she has favoured institutional collaborations accomplishing major curatorial projects for museums and cultural insitutions among which the Public Gallery of Modern Art A. Bonzagni of Cento, Cà la Ghironda Modern Art Museum of Ponte Ronca (Bologna), the National Photography Observatory and the Etnographic Centre of Ferrara City Council, Palazzo Ducale and Galleria degli Antichi, Sabbioneta (Mantova).
In addition to this she has also been curating events in Arte Fiera Bologna contest.

Isabella Falbo also carries out public lectures and she is a collaborator for the series of contamporary art of Sometti Publishing House of Mantova.

Practicing critic, Isabella Falbo belives in a participant critic action with the artists she presents and sometime she accept to collaborate as performer and model.

background photo by Fabio Lombrici

the photographs appearing in the image are by Knotan